Why Treatment-Free?

1. Treatments are toxic substances! Why do beekeepers need to wear masks and chemical-proof gloves while applying treatments? If people need to wear a respirator, what do you think that substance is doing to the bees? Formic and oxalic acids are used as a so-called “soft treatment,” but why then must you not get any of the treatment on your skin? It is because the concentrated acids would burn you!

2. Treatments contaminate the hive. These substances are known to linger in the comb and contaminate the honey. Do we want to be eating these things?

3. All treatments negatively impact the microbiome of the beehive. A balance of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi are essential to the health of the hive. Terramycin and Fumidil-B are antibiotics used to counter brood infections. They destroy or suppress not only the harmful bacteria, but also a huge number of beneficial microorganisms.

4. Most treatments are insecticides. Coumaphas is an organophosphate, a nerve-gas. According to Wikipedia, “organophosphates make up about 50% of the killing agents in chemical pesticides.” Fluvalinate is a pyrethroid. Pyrethroids are insecticides. Why are insecticides being put into beehives?

5. Bees should not need treated. They were created to live in the wild without treatments. Pests and diseases can be and have been overcome by the process of natural selection. (Do you ever hear about a modern infestation of the bee-louse mentioned in textbooks from the 1920’s?)

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